DUNS TOWN TRAIL43 Newtown Street
43 Newtown Street

43 Newtown Street

43 Newtown Street, on the corner with Willis Wynd, was built in 1843 in the Jacobean style as the Boston Free Church School and has a number of decorative panels related to the Free Church.

Although Thomas Boston, author of the book Human Nature and its Fourfold State (those being Innocence, Nature, Grace, Eternal), died in 1732, his local influence remained strong. At the time of the Disruption (the breakaway of the Free Church) in the mid-19th century, the local Free Church and its school were named in his honour.

As you can see, the former schoolhouse is richly ornamented with carved stone plaques. Above the central window on the attic floor is a carved scroll bearing the inscription 'Boston Free Church School' and at the first floor, above the right-hand door, is a burning bush and the title 'School of Industry – Feed My Lambs'. The panels above the doors are scallop shaped.

Walk a short distance down Willis Wynd